객실승무원 외항사

카타르항공 여성 객실승무원 채용 부산 (2019/1/22 ~ 1/31)

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  • Organisation : 카타르항공(Qatar Airways)
  • Job Function : 객실승무원(Cabin Crew)
  • Division : 기내 서비스(Cabin Services (Division))
  • Employment Type : 풀타임(Full Time - Permanent)
  • City : Middle East | Qatar | Doha
  • 신청 마감 : 2019/1/31


Qatar Airways

Welcome to a world where ambitions fly high.

From experienced pilots to dynamic professionals embarking on new careers, Qatar Airways is searching for talented individuals to join our award-winning team.

We take pride in our people—a dynamic and culturally diverse workforce is essential to why we are one of the finest and fastest growing airlines in the world.

We offer competitive compensation and benefit packages.


About Your Job: 

Do you feel you’re really going places in your current job? With Qatar Airways, you will be.

As the National Airline of the State of Qatar, we seek to reflect the best of Qatar"s warm and generous hospitality.

Dinner in Paris, Lunch in New York, Breakfast in Montreal, while cruising around the world at 40,000 feet on some of the most modern aircraft in the world is definitely not your typical office job. Qatar Airways is known to be a truly world class, 5 star global airline, challenging established norms and a leader in airline hospitality. On the Ground and in the air we offer our customers a powerful approach to service. Our Cabin Crew are Qatar Airways" Ambassadors to the world.

The Qatar Airways Cabin Crew team is growing. We are looking for candidates who can deliver our mission by providing "Excellence in everything we do". Known for our 5 star hospitality, we look for future Cabin Crew who can be part of our "World Class Global Brand". Join our multinational Cabin Crew Team and enjoy a tax-free remuneration package including accommodation, allowances and transportation for duty.

Write your own story with Qatar Airways. World’s 5 star airline.



Qatar Airways is proud to be an employer of choice for many candidates from around the world. However, there are unscrupulous individuals who look to take advantage of this.

Qatar Airways never charges applicants for interviews, security deposits, or for placement. If you are asked for money as part of any Qatar Airways recruitment, please do not pay and report it to reportfraud@qatarairways.com.qa with all accompanying e-mails and documents.


About You(지원 자격):

To be part of this winning team, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • 21세 이상
  • 팔길이(arm reach) 212cm
  • 고졸 이상 (영어 쓰기 말하기 능통)
  • 건강한 신체
  • 카타르 거주 조건
  • 원만한 대인 관계 능력과 다국적 팀에서 업무 능력 갖춘 외향적 성격


The Event: 부산 (여성 만)

  • 장소 : 별도 공지
  • 일자 : 별도 공지
  • 시간 : 별도 공지
  • 복장 : 정식 비즈니스 복장(Formal business attire)


*Please note, this is a shortlisted campaign where you are required to apply online. Shortlisted candidates will be directly contacted by Qatar Airways - Cabin Crew Recruitment Team for further instructions.


All Qatar Airways Ex-Cabin Crew must apply through QR careers website on the following vacancy “QR4263 - Rejoining Qatar Airways Cabin Crew”. Once you have applied online, please allow 21 days for our Cabin Crew Recruitment Team to contact you. Please note that walk-ins will not be entertained. (온라인 신청 후 최대 21일 걸릴 수 있음)


Bring along:

  • 이력서 1부 (CV)
  • 여권 카피 1부
  • 여권 사진 1장 (위에 언급한 동일 콘셉 복장 상태에서 촬영한 것, 안경 벗고)
  • 학위 증명서 1부


Note: 첨부

  1. 이력서(Resume / CV)
  2. 최근 전신 칼라 사진
  3. 최고/최종 학력 증명서
  4. 여권 사본


※기타 자세한 사항 https://careers.qatarairways.com/qatarairways/VacancyDetail.aspx?VacancyID=131304 참조


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